Why we have a Code of Conduct!


Lean Kanban Central Europe (LKCE) is organized by it-agile for the seventh year in a row. In all this years, we worked hard to create a place where people can learn, share their stories, discuss new ideas, challenge old ones and have fun.

The number of innovations brought into the world by our speakers at LKCE, the growth of the conference and the feedback of attendees show that we have been successful in achieving our goal.

Given the recent revelations about Harvey Weinstein we feel the need to raise a topic though that affects us all and can not be ignored. Lately, women started to share their personal experience regarding sexual harassment and assault, using the hashtag #metoo. The numbers of stories is shocking. The number of stories shared before without anybody listening and stories never shared before is even more shocking!

As a conference organizer running the conference in its seventh year, how can we be sure no woman experienced such terrible things or anybody got bullied? We can’t, but as the organizer we can do things to raise awareness and give victims the chance to be heard.

That’s why, we decided to publish a Code of Conduct for Lean Kanban Central Europe.

The Code of Conduct will help to raise awareness about the kind of behavior we don’t want to see at LCKE, give attendees the chance to contact somebody and reminds us to listen and act accordingly.

We want ALL attendees to enjoy two awesome days!

Wolfgang Wiedenroth on behalf of it-agile

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